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Thank you so much for coming along and showing your support for the first ever conference for people with diabetes! We had a great turnout on the day and your feedback seems to have been incredibly positive!

We are thrilled that the first conference has been so well received and we are now committed to make next year’s event even better!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Open Space format and once a list of ‘topics’ had been drawn up, everyone was happy to join in wherever they chose. Given that we ran out of time towards the end of the day and missed some of the topics raised, it is evident that we all have lots to discuss!

A huge thank you to TeamBG who not only sponsored this year’s event, but also kindly donated not one but TWO Dexcom G4 Platinum continuous glucose monitors.

Prizes were won for within range BG levels, but a Dexcom G4 was also given away for ‘not so in range’ BGs - after all, the GBdoc likes to support and encourage regular testing without always focussing on the ‘number’.

Living Well with Diabetes.

Conference for PWD 07 March ’15

The Swapshop Table!

Thanks to all those of you who brought along bits and pieces to the swapshop table - Many went away with some great freebies  - bits of kit which hopefully will now get used!

Thanks too for those of you who brought along cakes and home-cooked refreshments for the Hypo (and not-so Hypo!) table. The low carb cheesecake was delicious!

The OpenSpace Format

OpenSpace is a simple way of self-organizing a conference. It relies on participation by people who have a passion for the topics to be discussed. There is no preplanned list of topics, only time slots and a specific meeting areas where interested participants propose topics and pick time slots.

OpenSpace has been used for conferences and as a facilitation technique for meetings, community organizations, and other groups that wish to explore the ideas and agendas of the delegates, in this case us, the people WITH diabetes.  We are our own experts on OUR diabetes.

Prepare to be surprised by the depth and breadth of topics that come up!

It will be a unique experience. Is it for you?  If you say yes to either of these questions then it IS for you:

  1. Can I contribute anything of value?

  2. Do I have any questions about living with diabetes?

It doesn't matter if you contribute a little or a lot. And you'll probably be surprised that you may know something that others may not. Everyone has something to give, whether they know it or not -- even if it's the "beginner's mind" that asks the right questions.

One of the greatest things about our “Un-Conference” is that it's spontaneous. It's not about traditional "eyes-forward" presentations. This isn’t a conference where you’ll be lectured at. Experts will be at the conference and will share and contribute, just not in the usual way.

Perhaps you are familiar with some technology that others might like to learn about, we might end up asking you to show us. But not in a formal way. So all you really need to bring is your brain.

(This and more information about OpenSpace conference format is available at http://www.mindviewinc.com/Conferences/OpenSpaces)

Two Dexcom G4 Giveaways!

With thanks to our event sponsors: