The #gbdoc was founded by Paul Buchanan in 2012 for all people with, or at risk of diabetes

Paul, being newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, was inspired by the amazing work being done by Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) in the USA and so created the #gbdoc. It was launched on the 15th August 2012 as a resource available online for people affected by diabetes.  

Paul built the community one #tweetchat at a time, by hosting a weekly #tweetchat. Over the first five years  #gbdoc grew week by week and became a self-sustaining online platform.

#gbdoc  is now a self-managed, self-sustaining community that is making a difference to the lives of thousands of people with diabetes around the world every day.


Anyone, with any ‘type’ of diabetes, anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re a person living with diabetes (PWD), a parent, carer, employer, friend or family member; the #gbdoc is here to help you communicate with others both newly diagnosed and long-time PWD, to learn, to teach and to share stories with others who “just get it”. 

Others who personally understand the challenges; physical, emotional and mental. Others who understand the day to day issues that managing a lifelong chronic condition brings.

No judgements, no one size fits all, no negativity - #gbdoc is a positive force for sharing, caring and supporting PWD.


Where you’ll find the #gbdoc online community

Every Wednesday evening at 9pm you can join the online tweet chat on Twitter.

It’s a free to use social media platform that allows you to post messages and engage in conversation.

It’s a place to connect, share, support and be supported. 

One of the best ways to follow the chat is here and following the hash-tag #gbdoc

On the 15th August 2012 #gbdoc held its first chat, inspired by the DSMA’s tagline:

“Simple questions, thought-provoking responses. Strengthening the diabetic community one Tweet at a time” 

#gbdoc’s tweet-meets bring people together online for a one hour moderated chat every week.

Come and join us.