Every Wednesday evening at 9pm, the #gbdoc community hosts an hour's tweet chat - a conversation designed to engage, support, share and educate within the diabetes online community.

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The #gbdoc was founded in 2012 as a means to help create a vibrant diabetes online community.

A weekly tweet chat has taken place every Wednesday evening at 9pm since 2012.

After determining a set of founding 'rules', the originator of the#gbdoc went on to help create and establish own-language tweet chats internationally, in countries including France, Germany and Nigeria.

The #gbdoc is free, open, inclusive and is self-sustaining. All are free to contribute and anybody can volunteer to host a tweet chat by contacting @GBdocTChost

No sponsorship or funding is sought to support the running of the #gbdoc. All design, website and organising/hosting is and has been done by volunteers.

The #gbdoc hashtag is now used over 50 million times a year, it is recognised as the single best self-managed peer support platform in the world - all thanks to you, and everyone else in the community.

Thank you for visiting this site, and welcome to the #Great Britain Diabetes Online Community.